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I still have to figure out where to hang it, and find something to use as a rod, but that can wait a bit. The important thing is, it's done. Rainbow colors, yay )
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I've finished the quilt itself, at least I think so. Now all it needs is backing and binding, and a sleeve on the back for the rod with which to hang it. Cut for photo, because it's a bit big )
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I've been working on the second lesson of the art quilt class. I finally got enough done to share on the Joggles forums, so I thought I might as well share here too. Read more )
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This is the online class I'm working on currently. Tammy Gilley's Boho Art Quilt Class

Lesson one was quilt block construction. Here's the quilt block, all basted down on the batting and muslin backing: Thus endeth the first lesson )
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I finished the second conversation heart. and here we are again. )
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I got the thing to a certain point last night, then pinned it to my corkboard (I have a design board, as opposed to a design wall, ha ha), and decided to take a photo so I'd remember where the embellishments that go on after I put the back on will go. My memory being what it is... )
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Just for fun, the project in progress. Read more )
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I actually got the first lesson done today. Amazing. )
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Okay, here we go. Lots of not-very-great photos, from all angles with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one )
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Here is the quilted totem banner from my online class. Read more )
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A look at the blocks for the Quilted Totem banner, currently in progress. Read more )


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