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There are so many photos, I decided to break this into two parts. So herewith, Part 1: Ta dah )
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I finally got to and finished this class. As usual, my taste and Sondra's are not always exactly in accord, but that's part of the fun. So here are the results. Lots of photos )
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I finished my assemblage bird kit last night, and took photos this morning, before the cats' appointments. It's a bird, it's a collage, it's an assemblage )
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Lesson the 5th and Last. Yes, it's done, and within the week, too. Sometimes I amaze even myself. )
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Finished another lesson before the next one rolled in... Photos and all that )
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This is the first class in a very long while in which I'm keeping up along with the schedule. Of course, that means letting non-essential housekeeping chores go, but it's not like the vacuuming can't wait... And besides, it's fun, and even I deserve some fun. So there, life )
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I have abandoned all hope of getting back to one of the big projects, and am instead working on things I know I can finish in a few days. So... )
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So I finished another project. Not much of a one, but at least I had an idea, and I did it, and it's done. Actually last week, but what with the PC being in and out of the shop, it took a while to get the photo uploaded. Whoopee )
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Well, at least it's done. and pigs flew... )
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Some collaged journal page thingies from the Transformative Doll class. Read more )
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I present the results thus far of the Transformative Doll Class. Read more )


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