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It's done. Paul's getting it for Christmas with a new green pen. Photos follow. Many photos. You have been warned. )
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The last October celebration: Aged Mum is 92 today! She was born in Los Angeles and grew up here. She told me once that she and her siblings used to take the Red Car from their home in LA to the beach.

Paul and I are heading up there shortly with cake, a balloon, presents, and some groceries.

ETA: Well, we visited my mom. She was a bit out of it, but she liked her presents (a copy of I Am Maru and two pairs of Halloween socks with cats and a box of See's candy) and the cake and the aloe vera in a pumpkin flowerpot and the mylar birthday balloon. Caregiver M said AM sleeps most of the time and she isn't eating much. We agreed that if mum wants to eat cake and chocolates, she should. I told mum that it's her birthday so she can have cake and candy for all her meals if she wants.

But she reminds me of Patches in her last months. I'm afraid she's just shutting down. Yes, it's how she says she wants to go, in her own bed, but dammit.
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Today is Paul's and my anniversary. Thirty-five years. It hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows, but that's life. We are still together and we love each other, and you can't ask for more than that.
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This year's crop of gift journals are finshed. Done, done, cleaned up after, done! photos follow )


Aug. 29th, 2018 06:15 pm
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Paul bought a new bag of black oil sunflower seeds. Paul opened the bag to refill the feeder. Paul went off to sit in the back yard, and left the open bag in the patio. Someone found it. Paul: I didn't think they'd find it that quickly. Fierce Bad Squirrel )


Aug. 26th, 2018 05:04 pm
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Owl spirit doll wand thingy whatever pictures! )
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She's done, I hope my cousin likes her. Looky here, photos )
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A new post from Emily's blog (sorry, too melted for fancy formats):


Jun. 20th, 2018 05:31 pm
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Shadow has been to the vet for her fasting blood work. She was Not Happy being kept in and not fed, but she was pretty well-behaved about the whole thing. Of course when I got her home, she had to go out and in all the doors, just to make sure, but that's only fair. She's a good old cat.

Oh, just as I was pulling up to the house, a little birdy landed in the gutter in front of my car so I got a really good look at it. I have now seen a male pin-tailed whydah! They're an invasive species here, but rare, and since they lay their eggs in the nests of another invasive species, nobody's too worried. Cute little thing he was, too. Of course I emailed Emily.

Other usefuls slayage: I finished the drawn-threadwork tote bag and I'm cleaning up after. I haven't decided what to tackle next; I might just take down the vision board thingy. I've been meaning to rework it, and right now it isn't too hard to reach. Then maybe I'll do a few more silly decorative things around the studio, like hang the strands of bead curtain (glow-in-the-dark stars, yet) I scrounged from Kitty.

I need a quiet day to make lists and think about what I want and need to do. Tomorrow is looking good. Paul's got a lunch date with some of his old co-workers, so it'll be pretty quiet around here.

But now it's time for my evening pills and dinner plans. Later, gators.
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The drawn-threadwork tote is done, yay. photos follow )


May. 4th, 2018 08:12 pm
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Here's the necklace for Aged Mum. necklace )
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200-year-old ship's biscuit to be auctioned.

It's from the Battle of Trafalgar, complete with provenance. Dwarf battle bread, for real.


Apr. 29th, 2018 07:44 pm
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I spent most of the day finishing the biscornu Hardanger pincushion. Picture later maybe, but this is the kit. It looks pretty much like that, same colors.

I still need to clean up the supplies, but I'm going to be smart this time and ask for help with the big heavy boxes. So it will be a few days, because tomorrow is an Aged Mum day and Tuesday is my physical therapist appointment.

Next, Aged Mum's M-Day present. Have a good week, Dear Reader.
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I tracked down the mockingbird nest. Turns out it's in a rubber tree (or something like that) just on the other side of the fence off our north side. Which explains why the mockers have been scolding anyone who walks that way to get to the backyard.

After a lot of attempts, I got one photo of baby beaks. There are two visible, but there may be three babies; they were all moving so it was hard to tell for sure. Edit: Probably just two, moving very fast.

I saw one sitting up and preening, and they are at the downy grey stage, so fledging in a week or two, I'd guess.

Anyway, baby birds. )
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So, I reworked my amulet fidget beads again, and now they're a bracelet. Amulet beads V.2 )
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