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Finished another lesson before the next one rolled in...

Lessons 1 & 2

Lesson 3

This lesson was an accordion book (which I've done before, but with plain paper pages, not pre-printed materials) and a fancy envelope. After I made the book, I decided it needed an envelope to live in, so I sized and embellished this envelope accordingly.

Materials: Matboard, more pages from that atlas, bits of a sheet of vintage oceanic designs from Artchix, sealife German scrap, silver and black Dresden trim, drawing paper, Prismacolor pencils, assorted and sundry adhesives. The book is 4x5", the envelope is 4¾ x7¼". Completed 26 August 2013.

The book, open to show the page strip (which is one atlas page, cut into thirds and glued end to end, then folded). The endpapers are bits of the page on continental drift. Reunite Gondwanaland!

 photo MapasartL4bookopen_zps943b5578.jpg

The front of the book

L4 Book Front photo MapasartL4bookfront_zps13bfc68f.jpg

The back of the book

L4 Book Back photo MapasartL4bookback_zps6fc67d28.jpg

The envelope front

 photo MapasartL4envelopefront_zps83ef1e2a.jpg

The envelope back. Please to note the line of waves along the bottom. I drew on a sheet of drawing paper, cut out and colored the strip myself. I can make waves!

L4 Envelope Back photo MapasartL4envelopeback_zpsa2783750.jpg

I am going to have to make another little book. I had a long strip from one of the atlas pages, with animals, and one of them is a tiger. How could I resist?

But that'll be later this week. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the endocrinologist. Am I the only one who thinks "crinoid" when I see that word? Visiting the nice fossils would be much more fun than a thyroid biopsy, let me tell you... Oh well, it's only once a year.


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