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And... it's done.

I started with some trepidation, as I have been avoiding altered books due to the whole book-desecration squick factor. As a matter of fact, I bought several old atlases, but the others all got added to our library.

So, here be pictures of the Work in Progress:

Just the map glued down, waiting for further embellishment (I measured at least three times, and still cut it too short, but I think the mulberry paper works anyway).

After Lesson 1:

 photo themapasartL1crop_zps9c8527d7.jpg

Mostly finished as of yesterday (You can see where I peeled the little dark green mulberry paper bit off and moved it to make room for the pocket):

 photo themapasartL2crop_zpsf9e22f97.jpg

And the Finished Project:


 photo themapasartatlascollagefrontcrop_zps8e82019b.jpg


 photo themapasartatlascollageback_zps851012fd.jpg


 photo themapasartatlascollageclosed_zpsf74655eb.jpg


Paper goods: One old atlas, which I disemboweled (manic laugh), mulberry paper, an old map in bits and pieces, bits of pages from the old atlas, a loteria ticket (El Venado, the deer), photos of a crow and a flying raven (resized and mirror-imaged) courtesy of Elder Daughter, a sun face sticker, a big gold seal sticker, and some vintage star stickers.

Miscellaneous materials: Jute twine and green hemp bead cord; please note the nice frame around the loteria ticket, which is made from three strands of hemp cord, braided. A crow feather, also courtesy of Elder Daughter. A small black crow charm, a little wee compass, a small plastic magnifying glass, bone and wood beads, and vintage bone buttons.

Also, assorted adhesives and tapes, including but not confined to clear packaging tape and scotch tape, Mod Podge, and three kinds of white glues.

The nifty white labels on the outside were printed on clear label with my electronic label-maker.

And there it is. Lesson 3 arrives on Friday. I'm rather looking forward to it.


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