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Lesson the 5th and Last. Yes, it's done, and within the week, too.

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So. There were two projects in this lesson, an optical pendant and a fantasy watercolor map.

I did the pendant first. In fact, I had two of the lens pendants, so I did two of them.

Materials: Lens pendants, maps and embellishments, Diamond Glaze sealer, rayon seam binding colored with watercolor paints.

The pendant on the left, with turquoise ribbon, is a 1657 map of California as an island, which I found online, resized, printed and shaded with colored pencils. The text is Insula Califiæ, "Isle of Califia" translated into Latin by the Elder Daughter.

The pendant on the right, with purple ribbon, is part of a map of California from that old atlas I've been cutting apart. I stuck a small vintage star sticker approximately where I live. The text is a quote from Buckaroo Banzai.

 photo MapasartLesson51pendants_zps1a1cbc33.jpg

Then I did the fantasy watercolor map.

Materials: Watercolor paper, watercolor paints, glue stick, craft thread, rubberstamped images (some stamped on mixed-media paper and glued on, some stamped directly on the watercolor paper), vintage tickets, a vintage map postcard, travel-themed washi tape and a faux-postage-stamp sticker from Artchix.

First I painted the watercolor paper to make the base:

 photo MapasartLesson51fantasymapbase_zps56e7e50f.jpg

Then I stitched, cut holes, stamped, glued, and taped pieces of vintage map postcard behind the holes and vintage tickets on top. Last, I nibbled around the edges with deckle scissors.

 photo MapasartLesson52moreadded_zps2f8c2b1c.jpg

And there it is, all done.


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