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This is the first class in a very long while in which I'm keeping up along with the schedule. Of course, that means letting non-essential housekeeping chores go, but it's not like the vacuuming can't wait... And besides, it's fun, and even I deserve some fun.

Results of Lessons 1 & 2

Lesson 3 was making a book with pockets, and tags (like the manila kind one buys at Staples) to put in them. The book was supposed to fit into the pocket on the map collage, but since I didn't know that when I made and placed the pocket, that might have been a problem.

I tried to scale the book to fit the collage pocket, which it did until I added the tags. Then it was very tight, and since the pocket was made from a piece of 70's era vintage map, I was afraid it would tear.

So I thought, and thought. I didn't want to add another pocket to the collage, because I like the visual flow I already have, and I didn't want it any busier. I finally decided on clear plastic. I didn't have any plastic sheet handy, but I did have a pocket protector that was about the right size. So I cut that down and attached it to the map in a likely place, using jute twine and a couple of bone beads. That worked pretty well. The map paper pocket can go on holding the magnifying glass, which it has already been doing, and everybody's happy, and nobody gets staked or anything like that...

So, pictures:

The little book of pockets, front and back. The book is made from and embellished with pages from the atlas, pieces of the same vintage map, small brads, hemp bead cord and three plastic leaf charms, some satin leaf trim, and oak leaf shapes punched from the map. It's 3.75x2.25".

 photo MapasartL3book_zps2e8fd18c.jpg

The book again, surrounded by the tags. Most of the tags are precut 1.6x3.25" ivory-colored tags from Michael's, sprayed with Adirondack color sprays and/or Tsukineko Walnut Ink sprays. The other two are cut from watercolor paper and a page from a mixed-media journal respectively, washed with watercolors, then stenciled with Tsukineko Walnut Ink sprays, one crackle stencil and one dandelion stencil. Embellishments include postage stamps, conservation stickers, colored pencils and the dandelion stencil again, an oak tree from the atlas colored with colored pencils, a rubberstamp of a vintage California tourism poster and two strips of map, and Elder Daughter's flying raven photo again. Also ties made of hemp bead cord.

 photo MapasartL3tags_zps7fade511.jpg

The book standing up to show the tags in their little folded pockets.

 photo MapasartL3booktopview_zpsd9e99ff3.jpg

And the book in its little plastic pocket protector. Nerds gone artsy?

 photo MapasartL3pocketcrop_zps6913119e.jpg


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