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2016-09-01 09:13 pm

More Faux Postage

I made a few more stamps.under the cut )
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2016-08-09 10:24 am

Fantasy Faux Mail Class Part 1

There are so many photos, I decided to break this into two parts. So herewith, Part 1: Ta dah )
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2016-03-10 05:33 pm

Three Books in a Box Class - Completed

I finally got to and finished this class. As usual, my taste and Sondra's are not always exactly in accord, but that's part of the fun. So here are the results. Lots of photos )
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2015-08-26 05:29 pm


After the bad night and getting up far too early, I went back to bed for a couple of hours. That actually helped; I started playing around with the materials for a birthday present I wanted to make, got going, and [shock gasp] finished it. And here it is )
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2014-11-17 06:51 pm

Watercolor Zen Class

I stayed home today and worked and worked... And we're done )
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2013-09-05 08:03 pm

The Map As Art, Lesson 5

Lesson the 5th and Last. Yes, it's done, and within the week, too. Sometimes I amaze even myself. )
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2013-08-27 08:12 pm

The Map As Art, Lesson 4

Finished another lesson before the next one rolled in... Photos and all that )
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2013-08-24 03:30 pm

The Map As Art, Lesson 3

This is the first class in a very long while in which I'm keeping up along with the schedule. Of course, that means letting non-essential housekeeping chores go, but it's not like the vacuuming can't wait... And besides, it's fun, and even I deserve some fun. So there, life )
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2013-08-05 05:59 pm

The Map As Art, Lesson 1

In which, amazingly, creativity is accomplished. And fun was had )