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I finally got to and finished this class. As usual, my taste and Sondra's are not always exactly in accord, but that's part of the fun. So here are the results.

Materials: Mat board, art paper, pattern tissue, bits of book pages (which were headed for the trash anyway, okay?), old letters and other paper ephemera, handmade papers, washi tape, grosgrain ribbon, hemp twine, beads, buttons, watercolor paint, walnut ink, gel pens, glue, tape and Mod Podge.

The box panels before assembly. Owls. Lots of owls. One on each side, one on the bottom where it'll be a secret owl inside the box, and a dictionary definition of owl on the lid. Owls courtesy of Roger Tory Peterson, downloaded and printed off the internet.

Box panels pre-assembly

The finished box, with a Peruvian owl bead and a twig from one of our trees glued on top.

Finished box

The three book, which are all about 3x3" closed. From top left, portfolio, accordion, single signature. For the single signature book, I stitched the binding thread so that the ends were outside, and added beads.

Three books

The portfolio book. The pasted-on text on the little piece of art reads "Book a Grand Tour of the Cosmos Today"; the image is off a box of TJ's cheddar rockets. We eat a lot of those, and the box is a thing of beauty. I couldn't resist using it.


The accordion (or, as I like to call it, owlcordian) book, back and front covers. Most of the owls and some of the text are copied from Peterson's Field Guide to Western Birds; the rest are from that old dictionary.


The inside of the owlcordian. I had to photograph it in two sections because it's about 18" long.

Owlcordian 1

Owlcordian 2

The single signature book.

All the pages laid out with the cover - front (that bit of statuary is one of Paul's Mordorian landscape photos)

Single signature front

And back

Single signature back

The completed book, all the pages in place. The tea names are cut from a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf flyer, the tea party is a witches' coven at an old age home, from a postcard I copy-reduced, and the teacup is a rubberstamp, in sepia ink highlighted with gold gel pen.



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