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I stayed home today and worked and worked...

First, the sampler book I made using pieces of the techniques pages. It's 5" x5", 90 lb watercolor paper, stitched with craft thread (about the same as size 5 Perle cotton) and decorated with a few miracle beads:

The cover - 7-stroke flowers (I think mine have more than seven strokes, but close enough)
Watercolor Zen Cover - 7-stroke flowers photo Cover_zps516d031e.jpeg

The pages:

Paint puddled and dripped onto the paper, plus some rings printed with the rim of a glass, and some splattering
Watercolor Zen Drips photo Drips_zpse64fd355.jpeg
Puddled and blown with a straw
Watercolor Zen Blown with Straw photo Blown_zps7986a331.jpeg
Printed with a sponge and the rim of a glass, and splattered
Watercolor Zen Rings & spatters photo Ringsandspatters_zpsafa68c78.jpeg
An attempt at contour drawing
Watercolor Zen contour drawing photo Contourdrawing_zpsfd2fc084.jpeg
A stencil
Watercolor Zen stencil photo Stencil_zpscabc84c8.jpeg
Flocked, wherein you make a puddle of paint and dilute it so that the pigments separate, then sprinkled with coarse salt and let dry
Watercolor Zen Flocking with salt photo Flockingwithsalt_zps227e2be2.jpeg
Printed with bubble wrap and one of my hand-carved rubberstamps
Watercolor Zen Bubble wrap & stamp photo Bubblewrapandstamp_zps3b47ad96.jpeg

And the watercolor fantasy map. I've done one of these before, in Sondra's Map as Art class - there's a tag over there if you want a look.

This one's a 9x12" piece of 140lb watercolor paper painted in blue, turquoise and purple, cut, stitched and embellished with assorted vintage images, pieces of maps, a loteria ticket, three postage stamps, some needlelace* and a starfish charm backed by a little mulberry paper. It's actually lighter than the photo but this was the best I could do. :
 photo watercolormapsmaller_zps4d5c39bb.jpg

So that's done. What's next? /Bartlett

*I got the idea from a blog post about medieval manuscripts - the scribes got quite creative with holes in their parchments. Check it out here.


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