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Saturday, I had my coffeeshop breakfast, did the TJs shopping for us and the last few items for Aged Mum, came home and slayed usefuls around the house.

Also to, the Elder Daughter found that neither the PC nor her iPad would let her camera link to it. We thought we'd fixed that, but apparently it wasn't the cable after all. I got around the problem by putting her memory card in my even older camera, which connects just fine.

ED took her camera up to our little photo and repair shop at the shopping center. The owner told her that repairing the port where the USB cable plugs in would run at least $70, and she'd be better off going to Fryes and buying a card reader for the PC. She checked, and Apple doesn't make an iPad card reader for that sort of memory card, alas. I lent her my newer camera, which I bought myself last year for M-Day. Turns out the card from new camera can be used with the card reader for her iPad, yay.

So today I dropped her near the big county park, where she took lots of photos of birds (check out her blog for a sample), then walked home. She likes the new camera (I told her so); it's lighter, more compact, faster and has a better zoom than hers. So it looks like she'll be getting one like mine, or the next generation, sometime soon because I want my camera back. I think we should buy a card reader anyway, as her old camera works perfectly well except for that port thingy, and Husband wants to play with it.

I achieved grocery shopping for us and Aged Mum, made sure everything got into Husband's car, ate lunch and fell over. I've been binging again this weekend. Not good, but I'll try to get back on track again tomorrow, and at least try for some control the rest of today.

One more day, then Husband and Younger Daughter are back to work and school respectively. This is Younger Daughter's last week of classes. Oogh. At least she's keeping herself busy; her room looks like the closet exploded, but she's doing a massive cleanout and reorganisation, so it's cool.

Oh, and I found an old photo of the cats buried in Photobucket and added it as an icon (see above). It's probably the last time they were within swatting distance without actually swatting each other...
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