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2017-04-17 06:54 pm


Before I get sidetracked again, my new hairsticks. Photos follow )
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2016-09-17 11:04 am

My Shiny Things

That's my shiny thing, and this is mine, and this is mine... /Cat photos follow )
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2016-06-23 07:15 pm

I made a silly shiny thing

I've been trying to do creative things again, if possible things that work up fairly quickly. Here's the one I perpetrated this week: Dandelion clock )
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2015-11-05 02:22 pm

Japanese journals - finished

I finished the last bits of gluing yesterday. Yay. Kitty fell in love with one of them, so I handed them out around the family last night. That still leaves seven, which I photographed this morning. Behold )
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2015-10-21 06:42 pm

Beady Braceletry

Emily has her camera again.

The weather is less hot this week.

Therefore, Emily has been going to the bigger, farther away parks.

Monday, I dropped her off at Cal State to visit the arboretum. Today, I dropped her at Tri City. She blogged about both, see here and scroll down. So anyway, this morning, I had the house to myself for a couple of hours. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity by finishing up the Tibetan bead project. Bracelet Quartet )
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2015-08-26 05:29 pm


After the bad night and getting up far too early, I went back to bed for a couple of hours. That actually helped; I started playing around with the materials for a birthday present I wanted to make, got going, and [shock gasp] finished it. And here it is )
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2015-08-17 07:28 pm

Shiny Things

I played with shiny things today. Read more )
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2015-06-10 03:23 pm

Shiny Thing Day

Paul is taking tomorrow and Friday off for his annual manly man vision quest aka driving far away vacation. He was planning on heading out directly from work, but decided to drop by to pick up a few things he forgot and/or thought of later. So he did, and he's on his way north to someplace around Coalinga, to spend the night at a motel, then the next few days driving back along the San Andreas fault.

But that's not important here. What is important is that I decided to take a day off (ha, as if) to work on a small shiny thing project. And here it is. )
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2015-05-28 12:10 pm

Shiny Thing Thursday

I've been fiddling around with a little brass telescope pendant and some other bits for a while. Today I finally put it all together. Now all I need is an excuse to wear it. my shiny thing )
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2014-11-17 06:51 pm

Watercolor Zen Class

I stayed home today and worked and worked... And we're done )
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2014-10-24 09:18 am

Another shiny thing

This morning, I finished the moonface pendant. another shiny thing )
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2014-07-25 07:39 am

Birds Birds Birds

Before I get sidetracked by the real world again, the last of the flock )
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2013-08-24 03:30 pm

The Map As Art, Lesson 3

This is the first class in a very long while in which I'm keeping up along with the schedule. Of course, that means letting non-essential housekeeping chores go, but it's not like the vacuuming can't wait... And besides, it's fun, and even I deserve some fun. So there, life )