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2017-10-22 05:13 pm


This year's crop of Japanese-style stab-bound journals. photo follows )
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2017-10-04 10:43 am
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I committed shiny things

I really hate the fad of putting loose confetti into cards, so they explode all over the poor sap who opens them. I do like putting a little something extra into a card sometimes, so I made these: shiny things follow )
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2017-04-17 06:54 pm


Before I get sidetracked again, my new hairsticks. Photos follow )
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2016-09-17 11:04 am

My Shiny Things

That's my shiny thing, and this is mine, and this is mine... /Cat photos follow )
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2016-09-01 09:13 pm

More Faux Postage

I made a few more stamps.under the cut )
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2016-08-17 06:43 pm


I (finally) put together one of my jewelry projects. Batty )
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2016-08-09 10:24 am

Fantasy Faux Mail Class Part 1

There are so many photos, I decided to break this into two parts. So herewith, Part 1: Ta dah )
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2016-06-23 07:15 pm

I made a silly shiny thing

I've been trying to do creative things again, if possible things that work up fairly quickly. Here's the one I perpetrated this week: Dandelion clock )
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2016-05-10 06:52 pm

Embossed velvet project

So, I finished another thing. You know how you aren't supposed to iron velvet because the iron leaves a shiny mark? Well, some years back, someone decided to do it on purpose. With a rubber stamp. see more here )
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2015-11-05 02:22 pm

Japanese journals - finished

I finished the last bits of gluing yesterday. Yay. Kitty fell in love with one of them, so I handed them out around the family last night. That still leaves seven, which I photographed this morning. Behold )
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2015-10-21 06:42 pm

Beady Braceletry

Emily has her camera again.

The weather is less hot this week.

Therefore, Emily has been going to the bigger, farther away parks.

Monday, I dropped her off at Cal State to visit the arboretum. Today, I dropped her at Tri City. She blogged about both, see here and scroll down. So anyway, this morning, I had the house to myself for a couple of hours. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity by finishing up the Tibetan bead project. Bracelet Quartet )
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2015-10-09 05:04 am
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2015-08-26 05:29 pm


After the bad night and getting up far too early, I went back to bed for a couple of hours. That actually helped; I started playing around with the materials for a birthday present I wanted to make, got going, and [shock gasp] finished it. And here it is )
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2015-08-17 07:28 pm

Shiny Things

I played with shiny things today. Read more )
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2015-08-15 07:33 pm

Funky Felt Pins, Complete

Yeah, that's the name of the class. Sorry.

So, another UFO is finally finished. Shiny things )