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Paul is taking tomorrow and Friday off for his annual manly man vision quest aka driving far away vacation. He was planning on heading out directly from work, but decided to drop by to pick up a few things he forgot and/or thought of later. So he did, and he's on his way north to someplace around Coalinga, to spend the night at a motel, then the next few days driving back along the San Andreas fault.

But that's not important here. What is important is that I decided to take a day off (ha, as if) to work on a small shiny thing project. And here it is. )
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My collection of vintage My Little Ponies, all over my "studio" (actually a 10x10 "bonus room" where I also have to keep most of my work, but it's mine all mine). cut for photos )
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I still have to figure out where to hang it, and find something to use as a rod, but that can wait a bit. The important thing is, it's done. Rainbow colors, yay )
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I have abandoned all hope of getting back to one of the big projects, and am instead working on things I know I can finish in a few days. So... )
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So this morning I drove to the Anaheim Toyota dealership with my recall notice. Then I sat in the waiting area, and sat, and sat, and sat... and sat and sat and sat some more. )
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Today, I finished my two painting projects and got them into their proper places. photos below the cut )
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I have a cunning plan. Read more )
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A few finished bits of jewelry and craft, sparkle sparkle, )


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