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I played with shiny things today.

I assembled a pair of earrings for Aged Mum, from beads she'd stacked on eyepins and never assembled, so no big deal. I just polished the very tarnished eyepins, put the beads back on, and made double coiled loops at the top and put them on earwires.

I put together this bangle kit from Beadaholique. It wasn't hard, I've worked with memory wire before, but it was fun and sparkly.

And I made myself a new purse key hanger. I have a commercial "Finders Keypurse", which is looking kind of dinged up, so I've been shopping around for a new one. In the course of which, I discovered that artists on etsy are making them from vintage teaspoon handles. I was going to save up and buy one, but then I remembered the bundle of silver teaspoons Paul's mother gave us years ago, when we were doing tea parties.

First, I asked Paul's permission to mutilate one of his mother's teaspoons. They aren't heirlooms (although they did turn out to be sterling, not plated), so he kindly cut off the handle of the one I'd selected. I filed the cut edge smooth, bent a loop, bent it in the middle, added a clip keyring, polished it, and there we are. It's a bit small, but I tested it, and it seems to do the job.

So, pictures:
Front view, with another spoon for scale
Vintage spoon handle key hook
Side view
Vintage spoon handle key hook, side view

Bending spoons is harder than it looks, at least with the jewelry pliers I have. The professionals probably have proper jigs and all that. Me, I just have an almost-blister. I guess I just don't have the proper aura to bend spoons.
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