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Today, as the have-to pile rose higher and higher, completely overwhelming the want-to pile, I decided to re-evaluate the entire list process. Rather than attempt to complete a thing-in-progress, I chose to try to complete a small bit of jewelry fiddlery.

I have a lovely little brooch, about the size of a nickel, which was given to me by Bestest Buddy as a Mothers' Day gift back when Elder Daughter was a wee thing. I never remember to wear brooches, so it occurred to me that converting it to a pendant might make it more useable. I searched unsuccessfully for a (cheap, plated, pot-metal) brooch convertor I know I have someplace, probably one of those Very Safe Places. Then I looked online and decided that the commercial brooch convertors are too big and heavy for my little pin, and too expensive anyway.

Next I thought about making a convertor to fit the brooch. I even got out some brass hardware wire in two gauges. That was several months ago, and every time I even considered getting started, something got in the way. But today I decided that it was time.

It was probably just as well that I had time to mull over the project; I decided to try the 16-gauge wire first, because it shouldn't need coiling or wrapping. After several false starts, I got something that sort of worked. Then I discovered that I didn't have any suitable chain, so I went off to Michael's and bought some antiqued brass chain and findings, came home, tweaked the convertor a bit, assembled the chain, and put the whole thing together.

And here it is, from the back:

And from the front:

The brass wire is a bit too shiny for my taste, but since I'm too lazy to drag out the liver of sulphur for one little bit of brass wire, I'll just let the nice smoggy air work its magic. I'm going to wear the pendant for a while, and see how the design works. If it's good, I'll make another in sterling, although right now I can't think of any exact need for it.

But it's done, and I can cross that off the list of projects. Yay.

I'm also happy to have discovered that the Elder Daughter and I can share the kitchen - she made candles on the stove and the nearest counter while I did my wirework on the kitchen table. Also my packrat tendencies are paying off, as various odd implements including my heat gun and a spare set of teflon scissors, and the hoard of beeswax sheets in assorted colors, have all proved useful in candlemaking. She's really good at making candles; we're going to have a lovely incendiary Solstice celebration.
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