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So this morning I drove to the Anaheim Toyota dealership with my recall notice. Then I sat in the waiting area, and sat, and sat, and sat... and sat and sat and sat some more. )
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This morning, I looked at the calendar page for April and noted with some relief the complete lack of appointments all this month. Yes, I still have to drive the Elder Daughter to her Tuesday evening classes, but - no appointments.

This afternoon, I got a recall notice letter from Toyota, applicable to 2003 and 2004 Matrixes. I drive a 2003 Matrix. Now I have to call the nearest dealership, which is a half-hour drive from us, make an appointment to have the fix done, then drive down there and sit and wait while they putter around with my car. Not to mention that they'll probably try to hard-sell a bunch of other stuff they think I need done, which I know I don't because I take my car to our local mechanic when it needs work.

I called our mechanic and asked if the stuff they'd done with a bad circuit last December might be the same thing. They hadn't heard of the recall, and said that I'd have to take the car to the dealership because the dealership is the only one allowed to fix recalls.

I was so looking forward to a month of No Appointments... That'll teach me. CKarma is a bitca.


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