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Mostly, anyway.

I had a cunning plan, I did. I decided to move the memo boards that hang behind my sewing cabinet around a bit, to give more display space. I dug an old corkboard out and did some measuring, and it looked as if it would fit where the French memo board was.

I was going to paint the frame of the corkboard, until we took a closer look and discovered that the "wood" was actually plastic faux-wood veneer over some unknown substance (fiends!). I dug around in the cave and found an older and rather beat-up corkboard, which had a real wooden frame.

Unfortunately, it also had three holes drilled in the frame from when it was screwed to the kitchen wall. So I got some wood putty and filled them in. Then, over the next few days, I sanded the frame and painted it with black acrylic craft paint, then sponged teal and purple metallic and a wee bit of silver over the black, and sealed it with clear satin-finish acrylic varnish, added screw-eyes and picture wire, and got ready to move furniture.

There were the usual alarums, excursions and screwups, but eventually I got everything hung. There wasn't enough room for the new corkboard and the magnetic bulletin board after all, so I moved that up a level too. The curtain rod that held a lace valance went right across the memo boards, so that came down. The corkboard has a few holes right through it where you can see daylight, but I'll just put some white paper over the back later. It also has a big dark abstract stain on the cork, but we're going to ignore that. It'll do.

At some point in the future, I want to take out the horrible dirty old blind and put blue-sky-clouds window film on the upper pane of the window, but that'll wait for now.

So here's the northwest corner of the west wall of my "studio". The sewing cabinet sits directly under that window, so I can hang pattern and sewing instructions on the corkboard, once I get a working sewing machine again (alas, poor Arachne):

Bonus photo, because I've been meaning to take one, of the top of the utility cabinet where my art dolls and other crafty projects live. On your right, you can see some of the collections of sewing tools, pincushions, thimbles, bats and other treasures:

But now, lunch, and then maybe I'll tackle some sorting and cleaning projects...
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