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Fantasy Faux Mail Class Part 3

The photos are too many for me! Part 2

The portfolios. Two, because the template that came with the class was too small for 4x6 postcards, so I cut it a little bigger, but the postcard holder insert was still too small. After some thought, I copy-reduced the postcards for the insert, made another portfolio, then used the slightly larger portfolio to hold the actual cards. They're cut from manila file folders, embellished with vintage images and some art papers including, of all things, a package of Chiyogami paper I found at a local Japanese store, and stamped with a "Postcard" stamp I already had:

Portfolio 1 with postcard insert, open:


Inside before adding the insert (vintage envelope backside, fancy paper):

Outside (two more of Paul's photos, with embellishments):

Portfolio the Second:
Closed with everything tucked in, tied with a ribbon, because it seemed like a good idea at the time:

Inside (more fancy papers):

Outside (vintage postcard, photo either Paul or I took):