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I've been trying to do creative things again, if possible things that work up fairly quickly. Here's the one I perpetrated this week:

I've had this idea of a literal dandelion clock in the back of my mind for a while, and finally did it. I took an old pendant watch, gutted it, lined the inside back with handmade paper (dark green with gold highlights), filled the case with dandelion seed puffs, closed it up and glued the winding stem back in. Then I embellished the back with one of my dandelion photos and some sundial-inspired text*, and put it on a chain with a foliate toggle catch. I hung the watch from the toggle rather than on the chain to give it a more pocket watch look.

Then, because I still had a lot of dandelion puffs and felt inspired, I filled a small glass vial with them, added some tiny watch hands and gears, corked it and labelled it "Spare Time".

*I was thinking of the ones that say things like "I measure only sunny hours". This one says "I measure dandelion time". Yes, sometimes I am very silly.

The front of the watch, and the bottle of time.
Dandelion clock front

And the back, with motto.
Dandelion clock back


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