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I finished the last bits of gluing yesterday. Yay. Kitty fell in love with one of them, so I handed them out around the family last night. That still leaves seven, which I photographed this morning.

These are made with traditional yuzen paper, except the purple and blue one, that's a heavier metallic art paper. The corners are covered with bookcloth in various colors, and the pages are an assortment of page-weight letter papers. They're all bound with either size 5 perle cotton or craft thread, which is a cheaper version about the same weight. The binding patterns are:

Top row, both noble binding. Lower row, left is tortoiseshell, right (the floral pattern) is hemp leaf.

Japanese stab-bound journals 2015

These three have covers cut from tea boxes, same materials otherwise, all basic four-hole binding. Front:

Teabox journals front

And back

Teabox journals back

Yes, the back cover on the TJ's chai one is upside down. I didn't notice until after it was too well stuck to peel off. It still works otherwise. I am, of course, keeping the tiger journal, but most of the rest will be given to the deserving. Oh, and the first four are about 4"x6", the other three are smaller because I was using the tops or sides of tea boxes, which limited the dimensions.


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