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Emily has her camera again.

The weather is less hot this week.

Therefore, Emily has been going to the bigger, farther away parks.

Monday, I dropped her off at Cal State to visit the arboretum. Today, I dropped her at Tri City. She blogged about both, see here and scroll down. So anyway, this morning, I had the house to myself for a couple of hours. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity by finishing up the Tibetan bead project.

The bracelets are strung on elastic cord, they each have a charm, and I used more of the tiger ebony beads along with bone and horn Tibetan beads inlaid with coral copal and turquoise and brass wire. Just for fun, I used several different colors of elastic cord, which don't show in the photo, but peek out when I put the bracelets on. More details below the photo.

Quartet of stretchy bracelets
Clockwise from top left, tiger ebony and inlaid black horn beads, turquoise donut bead and enamel peace sign charm on black elastic; tiger ebony and inlaid dyed red bone beads on turquoise blue elastic, silver tree of life charm; tiger ebony and inlaid bone beads, gold winged heart charm on red elastic; tiger ebony and inlaid black horn beads, copper labyrinth charm on black elastic.
And because I have my own camera again, another photo of the mala necklace.

mala necklace, tiger ebony and turquoise


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