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I finished my assemblage bird kit last night, and took photos this morning, before the cats' appointments.

Materials: Stampington Assemblage Bird Kit, plus acrylic paints, copper paint pen, Mexican tin heart milagro, vintage rhinestones, fancy fibers, Japanese paper, copper foil tape stamped with metal letter punches and StazOn ink, and assorted adhesives.

It's about six inches tall. I knew immediately that I wanted to use the heart milagro, and that pretty much determined the rest of the embellishment. The head, body, wings, legs and copper wire for the hanger came from the kit, but the only embellishments I used from the kit were some fancy fiber and the little six-armed copper thingies. My style is not their style, apparently. I'm pleased with my birdie, and I'll save the buttons and key and lace bit for another project.

I wrote down a lot of birdy words and phrases before I settled on "SOAR". Then I tried various techniques before I managed to find one that looked the way I'd envisioned it. It would've been sturdier if I'd had some copper sheet to stamp onto, but the foil tape was what there was, and I managed to glue it down without messing it up.

Assemblage Bird Front View

And back:
Assemblage Bird Back View

And now it's hanging in my studio. What project next, I wonder? But that's for later; right now I'm going to make a cup of decaf tea, and enjoy the quiet. The laundry's done, the cats got their teeth cleaned, I walked to the shopping center, and nobody's called but telemarketers all morning. Things are going WAY too well. *Looks for falling shoes*


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