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In which, amazingly, creativity is accomplished.

The book cover with the map glued on. I managed, after measuring, writing down the measurements, checking my notes, and measuring again, to still cut the piece an inch or so too short top to bottom. So I dug out some mulberry paper, and glued strips of that down as a frame before I stuck down the map.

 photo mapasart_zpse9dda8e1.jpg

The collage, as done as it's going to be for now.

The left side has bits from the map added, plus some text and scrolls from our word processor, a raven, right way around and mirror-imaged, courtesy of the Elder Daughter (she didn't have any flying crow photos), and some vintage and modern stickers. The compass rose is from the map, and it has the auto club logo right smack in the middle, so I covered it with a sun face.

The right side has pictures cut out of the atlas I used for the cover, another vintage star sticker, and a bit of mulberry paper because the little bit of text faded into the map. The text is from the atlas; it says "Earth's Environments".

 photo themapasartL1crop_zps9c8527d7.jpg

I'm going to let it sit until tomorrow, then see if it wants anything else. But I'll probably just wait for the next lesson and see what calls to me. At some point, I want to add a ribbon bookmark with a little plastic magnifying glass, but I'll be tying that to the spine at the top, so I'm going to wait until the cover is done, most likely.

But I did a lot today. Yay!

Edited to add a link to the class: The Map As Art.
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