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Sunday was the monthly Aged Mum visit. AM asked if the swarm of bees was still in that tree in the front yard, so I wandered out to take a look. Yes, and they were building a hive, or nest, or whateverthehell that enormous thing in the fruitless mulberry is.

I got my camera and recorded the edifice for posterity. From several angles, using my telephoto lens. Fortunately, it's been cold enough that the bees were not bothered.

The hive, from a safe distance. The structure is really fascinatingly constructed; it's draped over several branches like blankets.

The hive from underneath. The lighting isn't optimal, but you can see the swarm all nestled underneath the comb structure.

We called the local nature center, and got someone at home, who kindly looked up the number she had called for bee removal once. It turned out to be the county USDA office. Aged Mum made contact with an actual person today, and somebody is going to call her at some point, hopefully this week. Fortunately the tree is at the front of her property, right by the street (also the unpleasant neighbors' driveway), and it's staying fairly cool. So with any luck, the bees won't be a bother.


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