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So I finished another project. Not much of a one, but at least I had an idea, and I did it, and it's done. Actually last week, but what with the PC being in and out of the shop, it took a while to get the photo uploaded.

This came out of Susan Sorrel's Personal Symbols class; we were supposed to be coming up with little symbols for various words, and I decided that Hope is a winged heart. Because of the Emily Dickinson poem, "Hope is the Thing with Feathers".

So here we are. This was supposed to be a Matisse-style collage in painted Lutradur, but I decided that since I've already done painted Lutradur, and I had ideas, and if I tried to find time to paint and stitch, it'd never get done, I'd just go for it. I also cheated a bit; I'm a lousy freehand artist, so when I found a stencil in my collection that had hearts, stars and a moon, I used those as a starting point. The hands were traced around a die-cut of a hand that I already had. The wings are freehanded; like I said, lousy artist. But at least it got done.

It's 6"x6", art paper, Sakura gel pens, a hand-carved (by me, years ago) spiral stamp and metallic gold ink; the photo's a bit blurry, but the best I can manage for now:

The winged heart is hope; it's broken, but it's been mended. The hands are either releasing hope to the universe, or trying to catch it, depends on my mood of the moment. Spirals are life and growth. The moon and stars, well, I like moons and stars and I use them a lot, and the heart has to fly somewhere.


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